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termite control yucaipa
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Are you aware that there are more than 2,000 types of termites in the world? Luckily there are only a few main types that inhabit the Yucaipa area and that you need to be aware of. It’s our job to know the many different types and to treat the type of termite taking over your property.

Termites can cause structural damage becoming a threatening pest to have but some are beneficial because they recycle plant and wood material. Unfortunately, when they aren’t recycling the plant and wood material we don’t need, they are working on recycling the material we do need. This is when it is time to call our termite control experts to help you remove the threat.

Determine Termite Activity

Winged termites are often found in homes and can be a sign of an infestation nearby if you notice them coming from the foundation of your home or adjoining patios and porches. Winged termites have been mistaken for ants before and can be a costly mistake.

You might also notice mud tunnels or tubes on foundation walls on the exterior of the home. They can also be spotted on support beams, floor joists and the like. These tunnels are shelter for the termites and to be sure there is an infestation on your property you can break one open to see if white worker termites are inside.

Vacant tubes can be the aftermath of a previous termite infestation or it could mean that the termites are simply elsewhere at the moment. Don’t disregard a termite inspection if you find empty mud tunnels; call our termite control experts to make an official determination of termite activity.

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