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spider control yucaipa
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Most people across the States are not fond of spiders by any means. However, spiders actually prevent most of us from having more insect problems because they feed on these annoying pests. Unfortunately, even with their beneficial traits not all of them are okay to have around.

Venomous and Dangerous Spiders

Some spiders can be very poisonous and harmful if a person is bitten. The brown recluse and black widow spiders are two of the main spiders you need to steer clear of should you come upon them. Call our spider control experts immediately if you have discovered a poisonous spider in your home or property. Don’t risk getting bit.

Common Spiders

A grass spiders is not uncommon to find in your yard and occasionally indoors.  Typically brown or gray in color with stripes close to their heads. They get their name because their webs are often in tall grass or heavy ground cover. A grass spider might wander and end up in your home but this is very rare.

Wolf spiders are another common spider to find outside. Their homes are typically in the ground and they hunt their prey at night. They are common to discover in gardens and occasionally in the home.

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Whether you have poisonous spiders or harmless spiders, we will get rid of them so you can get back to a spider-free environment. Call us today to learn more about our spider control treatment options and how we can help you.