Residential Pest Control Yucaipa

residential pest control yucaipa
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We offer quality residential pest control services to the Yucaipa area. You can call us for a one-time treatment or choose from our variety of treatment plans. Whatever suits your pest needs best. We advise Yucaipa residents to have a regular residential pest control treatment in place to help prevent pests from invading your home. It’s easier to prevent the pests than to treat them once they have arrived and caused damage.

We treat a variety of residential pests including bed bugs, termites, roaches, spiders, ants and many more! Whatever your pest problem might be we are here to help you.

We don’t often treat residential properties during the winter months unless it is a client with a preventative pest plan. This is because most pests emerge during the warmer months and go back in to hiding during the colder months. This is another reason we encourage residents to have a maintenance plan in place.

This year we have discovered that the most common pests we have dealt with for residential properties include bed bugs, mice, rats and ants. Bed bugs are on the rise which could be due to increased traveling and the exchange of used furniture and the like.

Termites have also been on the rise and is a very common Yucaipa pest for both homes and commercial properties. Whatever your pest needs are we can help. Protect your pets and loved ones by taking care of a pest problem right away rather than waiting until it becomes an even bigger problem.

Most in-store treatments are not going to offer effective results and you would probably be surprised at how affordable one professional pest treatment can be versus several in-store solution applications. Give us a call at (909) 748-5246 to learn more about how we can help you get back to your pest-free home.