Flea Control Yucaipa

Here at Pest Control and Exterminators of Yucaipa we take many calls every week regarding flea control. It’s no surprise because fleas are an annoying pest and because they bite they can become a very frustrating pest problem to have.

Fleas are an annoying aggravation and you should have to fight them. Pest Control and Exterminators of Yucaipa treats many types of fleas. Fleas are wing-free insects that have mouth parts designed for piercing skin and sucking blood

Flea Identification

flea control yucaipa
Signs of a flea infestation on a pet; call us if you suspect flea control is needed!

Fleas often host on animals but specifically look for warm blooded animals, including humans. If your pet brings fleas in to your home they may take advantage and feed on your blood as well.

Fleas are very small, 1/16 inch in size and are typically dark red or brown in color. Their bodies are flat which makes identifying them easier in the home. They jump from host to host and you might catch one only to find it jump as soon as you release your pressed fingers. Once they jump it can be hard to locate them again due to their small size.

Yucaipa Flea Control

Our flea control technicians will target the problem starting from the pupal stage up to the adult stage. Getting rid of the eggs and feces of fleas is important and recommended with any flea control service.

While fleas rely on blood to eat the adults can live for long periods without eating. This is a reason for discovering fleas when moving into a new home that was previous occupied by someone else, most likely with pets.

Yucaipa Flea Control Services

We can provide quality effective flea control solutions to help you get back to living life without fleas invading your space. Our products are safe for humans and pets. In addition to offering flea control services we provide information on what you need to do before we come to treat and how you can help prevent them in the future. Call Pest Control and Exterminators of Yucaipa at (909) 748-5246 today to learn more about our services.