Bed Bug Control Yucaipa

Bed bugs are an annoying pest and if you don’t know what they are, consider yourself very lucky. Bed bugs are often found in places where a variety of people sleep such as hospitals and hotels. These little pests will feed on you while you sleep and most times you will be unaware when they are feeding on you.

This is because of a saliva they inject when biting you. It numbs your skin so you don’t feel them feeding on you. If you can’t feel them biting you then how do you discover them?

Detecting Bed Bugs

bed bug control Yucaipa
Bed bugs can live in mattress seams, bed frames, and any cracks or crevices nearby.

It’s hard to notice the bed bugs themselves because they are small and stay hidden in areas we cannot see. Such areas include mattress seams, crevices and cracks in the bed frame, and in mattress springs. Most people discover possible bed bugs when they discover bites on their body when they awake in the morning and from blood spots on their sheets.

If you suspect bed bugs are in your home it’s best to call a professional bed bug control expert right away. Professional treatment is most likely to get rid of the problem versus in-store treatments.

Bed Bug Control Yucaipa

If you have discovered or suspect bed bugs to be in your home, it’s not your fault. Bed bugs will inhabit an area whether it’s clean or dirty. They are simply looking for a warm host. They can travel as fast as a ladybug so they can easily move from room to room or host to host. People who travel can bring them home from a hotel unknowingly which will then become a problem in their own home.

Call Pest Control and Exterminators of Yucaipa if you think you might have bed bugs. It’s best to have an inspection done and confirm what the bug might be so you can seek proper treatment. We’re the specialists to call if you have bed bugs in your home. Call (909) 748-5246 today to learn more!